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Mish mash of audio content: LinkedIn content, guest podcasts, interviews, debates, and live Q&A. 

Join the movement of forward thinking-peers discussing and implementing the modern B2B growth/GTM playbook for Marketing and Sales: The Buyer Centric Revenue Model. Built for TODAY, not twenty years ago. 

Marketing and Sales topics Include:

1. Marketing vs. Sales Development

2. Full Sales (AE-CSM combined, no prospecting, no handoffs) vs. Sales Assembly line (AE-CSM split and other subdivisions of partial sellers)

3. Proper Goals and Metrics vs. MQL and Quota 

4. Full Salary Plus Bonus vs. Commission

5. Buyer self-service to the extent possible plus desired vs. forcing buyers artificially to Sales. 

6. Marketing-led vs. Sales led

Example topics:

1. Why Sales Development is unnecessary and harmful 

2. How Sales Development harms Marketing

3. How Sales Development harms Sales

4. What is Marketing? What is proper-non spam marketing? What do those tactics look like? Why has it replaced Sales Development?

5. How you can compare Sales Development to Marketing, instead of blending, to expose the harm

6. How you can gradually repurpose Sales Development to Marketing 

7. Companies that have successfully sunsetted Sales Development

8. 7 camps marketers fall into about Sales Development

9. 11 Reasons Why Sales Drinks Sales Development Kool-Aid

10. Truth about: "MQLs", "Lead" Scoring, "Lead Generation vs. Demand Generation", "Inbound vs. Outbound", "PLG", "Personalization"

11. History of B2B Marketing and Sales Development 

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