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Liberate from the outdated and harmful Sales-Led Growth model from the 1980s. Modernize with Marketing-Led Growth™️ (MLG) via the MODERN B2B Marketing and Sales model built for TODAY, not 40 years ago: The Buyer Centric Revenue Model™️.

  1. Marketing-Led Growth: Marketing to generate customers and free trial activations (self-service), and leads for Sales (extent buyers need Sales) via non-spam marketing that drives buyers to the website to self-serve (learn, try, buy) to extent possible and desired--with the OPTION for Sales to help mostly with post-sale fulfillment. The website is a 24/7 marketer and seller, and the best a company has.

    • Sunsets Sales-Led Growth from 1980's: Sales Development (spam), Sales Assembly Line (AE-CSM split etc), quota and commission (to pressure sellers to pressure buyers), forcing buyers artificially and prematurely to Sales. Gradually repurpose Sales Development to Marketing with 2 experiments. Sales Development will be the first to thank you.

  2. Customer Success (AE-CSM role combined, no handoffs, no spam, no quota, no commission, supporting Marketing) to help mostly with post-sale fulfillment 

    • Sunset bloated Sales Assembly Line. Rebrand Sales as Customer Success, with the AE-CSM role combined

  3. Real Marketing and Sales goals and metrics (profit, revenue, CAC, CAC payback, retention, CLV, adoption, win rate, sales cycle, ACV, # customers, # free trial activations, # opportunities, # demo requests etc.)

    • Sunset contact info of uninterested buyers (MQLs) for Marketing, and revenue on initial sale (quota) for Sales.  

  4. Customer Success comp of full salary plus bonus like any other employee. 

    • Sunset commission (half salary withheld pending quota attainment, with some probability to exceed full salary to extent quota is exceeded). Or at least let Customer Success choose, like they do health insurance plans. 

Achieve more productive and fulfilling careers. Achieve better growth and profit: more, faster, easier, for less. Achieve a massive competitive advantage, attracting buyers, talent and financing.

Follow the implementation framework: "analyze, business case, experiment, gradual transition" to liberate yourself from the unnecessary and outdated Sales-Led Growth model that does more harm than good relative to Marketing-Led Growth. 

Check out the book and the podcast to learn more.

Join the movement and community of forward-thinking peers liberating and modernizing B2B Marketing and Sales.

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